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Every September New York Fashion week takes over New York. The city becomes filled with fashion  experts, photographers, bloggers and models rushing about to make it to shows and be seen looking their NYFW best!

I was lucky to be a part of the behind the scenes this season of New York Fashion week. I saw all the runway shows and experience the backstage at that! seeing how everything came together.

That being said I’d probably need something thicker and more detailed than Vogue’s September issue😅 if I were to give you a play by play of everything tha went down, so allow me to keep this brief.

I simply want to give you my top favourite trends I saw on the runway and advise you to go… I mean run and get them. Or maybe not because a whole lot of it is what you probably have in your closet. Yup fashion recycles no lie.

Oh first; check how I rolled out on day one. You can see my full look on my social media outlets☺️. I chose to go at it in New York’s uniform colour black😅. I was actually not really aware what a huge trend the romantic vibe is about to be until I saw it on the run ways in lighter colours of course.

Yes to that Romance Marchesa. I imagine fellow South African girls would scream…..” Shisa Marchesa ! ” to this😀. This dress is suited for bodies of all types so I really enjoyed seeing this on the runway.

Check-mate Marc Jacobs !!!. Tell me your man or grandad has a checkered blazer stashed away in their closet because it is so in season. They are onnnn. Not just the blazers boo. Check….check…EVERYTHING!!!

Because being eccentric is a thing. I love it ! Fashion is about expressing your style and being original and we saw so much of that this season.

Orange is the new black do y’all hear fellow New Yorkers ?😂. ORANGE😀. Tom Ford did that here. I love color so I love seeing this color and a whole lot of lemon zest fed street style all over the streets. That and a lot of sequins which makes New York super fashion forward because sequins is about to be another huge trend. Yes. We about to SPARKLE. SHINE💅🏾.

Please be sure to check out my fan account to see a little bit of footage from this amazing week.

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