Barely Belly

Back by popular demand ! You’ve asked for it and a lot of ladies are singing this remedy’s praises so here it is Sisters !πŸ™ŒπŸΎβ€οΈ. There isn’t much to do but run to your kitchen cabinets and mix it up already !

I’m looking forward to seeing your bikini clad selves on the gramπŸ˜‰. Please feel free to use the comment section here if you have a remedy request or question.

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Hi Bible I would like to have a receipt for the belly I can’t see it here

I meant to say Buhle

Hi Buhle I’m straggling with my weight ad skin problem please help

Thank you sisi Wami definitely gonna try it.

I cant wait to try it out

Hi Buhle

I’d like to request a remedy for getting my bum bigger


I would really like that remedy

Siyabulela kakhulu for this <3
keep them coming :p

Thank you will try it n revert to u for result

Hey,I would like to know how you’ve learned this herbs and home remedies. Also, I’m interested in a hairline remedy and saggy toys. Thanks

Thanks so much gona do it

Evening Sis’Buhle, I just wanted to remind you about the oral hygiene (fresh breath) remedy. And thank for all These, they are really helpful.

Thank you for the remedy. Absolutely love it!
And please can we have a remedy for bad breath (one coming from the gut)

Hey Buhle can i please have the remedy for cellulite, black inner thighs and stretchmarks

Thank you so much madam. Can we please remind us of the saggy boobs remedy. Thank you.

Thank You Doctor… I’m using this one and its working and I will continue using it. Can you please post a remedy for weight loss for the sisters living with HIV that won’t affect the treatment. Thank in advance 😍😍😍

Hei ,u add 2 cups of Water or 1litre ?

Thank you…I’m loving your blog.

Thank you B….. I will like to request for a remedy to clear the dark scars of 20 years of extreme eczema which has affected 90% of the body.

I would like a remedy for cellulite. My biggest problem right now πŸ™ˆ

Also facing the same predicament pls share with me soon as you have the remedy please.0820716386

Hi Buhle

You once posted a green smoothie long time ago which worked like a charm for weight loss..wrote the list of ingredients down and lost my list when i was moving..can you post it again..i remember most ingredients just not sure about the mass

Thanks in advance

Hi Buhle i am also interested in for remedy for the cellulite

I’m Also interested in cellulite remedy

Hi Buhle you once posted a weight loss recipe with psyllium husks as one of the ingredients, I had it save on my phone and I got robbed in November last year and I lost everything. Kindly repost that recipe for us. Thank you

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