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So I recently purchased a condo home in Miami. True to my detail-oriented nature I needed to be there for every step of the renovation. It was a no brainer where I was going to stay for what was supposed to be just three weeks… The Miami Edition of course !  🙌🏾❤️👌🏾
Now I KNOW you’ve all seen me literally moving house to The Miami Edition for the past six to seven weeks😄.  So you know the renovation took longer than expected. That being said, because of renovation delays I have had more than enough time to experience all the hotel has to offer.
I could easily write you a novel about this hotel and why this is Miami’s finest, a seven star hotel if there’s such a thing, but I’m going to try to make it brief. I know you don’t have all day😄.
1. Pure class in presentation:
You walk into what I guarantee to be the cleanest and best smelling lobby I’ve ever been into in my all of my travels. And it’s got a fancy bar, I mean!
2. Their restaurant set up and commitment to quality food/presentation:

By set up I mean they Matador has fantastic interior design. The space exudes luxury so if that’s your ideal aesthetic then it’s the place to go for you.

Market for casual
and Tropicale for a laid back sit by the pool and just hang type of vibe.
Their staff in all these three comments treats you like royalty without being in your face. Let me not forget just how appropriately dressed everyone is in the hotel as a whole.
Moreover, Yes they have a private bar. From there you can walk your way down to the hotel’s FABULOUS Basement Club that’s always full of the hottest celebrities and social media sirens. (Don’t stress about the hangover the next day because well just a walk into The Edition’s spa is a remedy in itself.)

This is the only hotel I know to have celebrities come in and out without being harassed by anyone.
 I’ve dined right next to many of my favorites very peacefully. The environment simply asks for one to be respectful of other people’s space.
It is also nice that the pool area etc are restricted for guests’ use only.
4. Rooms:
So I’ve stayed here many times/long enough and have therefore gotten to experience a variety of their rooms including the penthouse.
I’ve not walked into any room without getting a sense of ultimate luxury and relaxation
plus the quality of treatment is superb at every room level.

5. Their Services: 
Their Spa is phenomenal. Exactly where I loved to go and unwind after a busy day of blogging! They have so many treatments available and booking is incredibly easy. It can be done online or over the phone. I would definitely recommend it.
6. Customer Service
 I must also not forget their general attention to detail. If you like extra cheese, an extra cup of water or whatever the case may be they will always remember.
The Edition is really invested in getting to know their guests and doing all that they can to make them comfortable.
I’ve never been to any hotel where I felt so emotional when I had to leave. I genuinely hugged whoever I ran to on my way out because it honestly felt like parting with family. Okay I’m getting carried away with writing now, just go ……check it all out and then tell me how much you love it and me😄.
Also, exciting news !? I’m going to be visiting The Edition New York during fashion week and I absolutely can’t wait to share the honest truth of what that hotel is like with you.
I truly hope everything is as good as the Miami Edition.

– Phone Number: 786 257 4500  –
– Spa Booking –
– Photo Credit: @thePhotoCraft + Miami Edition
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Just by looking at the lobby, it suggests that any guest is going to have one delightful stay at the hotel. I wouldn´t wait too much to get into that tub filled with flowers

I would love to see pics of your new condo. It is surely a nice one. The decoration of this hotel looks fantastic; If they have so an exquisite taste for decoration, they would have an elegant way to treat the gusts

Luxury is all about comfort and big spaces. This is the perfect getaway for a r&r. You’re so lucky to have experienced it. 😉

It looks awesome in every aspect. Most of such places anyway provide most of such luxurious amenities. But, what I really adored is their accommodation of greens plants. Those greens, in plenty, have given a vibrant touch to the beauty of the place.

The hotel is absolutely fantastic. The environment is green and serene giving us a sense of being in the nature, breathing fresh air while we relax. The hotel is elegant and I can say from the aesthetics how the service would have been. Looks like they take special care for their every guests in making them feel the best by providing absolutely everything that they need. I hope you had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Enjoyed a lot. 🙂

The place looks awesome indeed <3.
And I hope you'll have fun in your new condo. I'm sure there'll be pictures of that in the future as well.

Yes I love the greenery too! It really adds a unique, natural and relaxing touch to the whole experience. Makes are your stresses fade away instantly staying in a place like this.

It looks like a a seven star. The restaurant exudes class.

This place is made for relaxation and luxury. The spa is phenomenal man!

Wow. I was absolutely amazed by the hotel’s beauty. It is simply amazing. I have never been to a hotel like this before but I would love to if I ever have the opportunity. The best part of the hotel that I like is that they have so much green plants and the surrounding seems to be so fresh and natural. I am so happy that you share your experience with us. Thanks. I wish you good luck to have a great time. 🙂

It’s just breathtaking! Something that looks so so pretty in pictures would sure be heaven’s treat. It just seems so quiet and serene and what really stands out is attention to detail.AMAZING!!

With all the pictures uploaded in this post say it all! No questions to ask why this hotel is Miami’s finest. The place is totally awesome!

Wow this is a really Miami hotel. I really like the architecture of it, so exquisite!

Wow this is beautiful, Just the pictures alone are so vivid, so beautiful. would be amazing to go there and enjoy some time.



I love the city of Miami, its culture and climate. The pictures if this hotel are natural and show how this hotel tries to blend in with nature.

I think the pictures are beautiful. One of the dishes reminded me of the passover lamb I ate last year. It had the bitter herb and the piece of lamb. lol

I love every single bit of the place. Classy and it looks so peaceful, i mean its a perfect place to find inner peace. The Miami Edition is a place of Zen – modern but does not compromise the eye popping beauty of nature. Love it!

The place looks so elegant and luxurious. I hope the pool does not get crowded with kids. I will stay here if I go to Miami.

This is so amazing! You must have really enjoyed your stay here! this is an addition to a go-to place

This is so elegant. Look at the rooms! This is very relaxing I would want to go there as well.

You can tell a lot about a hotel the moment you step into their lobby. A good smell and presentation in the lobby says a lot about the quality and service of a hotel, and usually it’s an accurate sign of the type of experience you will have with them.

You look like a goddess sitting there with you drink and beautiful smile. Your blog is amazing and you are too;)

Wow! This is heaven on earth. You are really fortunate to stay in this hotel.

So the name of this hotel is called “Edition”? This is a truly immaculate hotel! I want to stay here when I visit Miami, how much does it cost per night? From the looks of it a pretty penny, but definitely seems worth it!

The place looks absolutely beautiful and luxurious. One thing that always separates the best from the pack is customised service.

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