Double The Slay

So what’s better than a girl who totally rocks and like SLAYS this life-thing on the daily ?🤔😂….. TWO SLAYERS !!!. 


I virtually met Cari Rene a few months ago while browsing Instagram. I instantly fell in love with how well put together she was. As time passed I fell more in love with her posts and her interaction with her followers. I also realized that we had a lot of things in common from our love for very little to no accessories, luxury hotels to fine dining and travel. Before I knew it we were best friends– in my head of course🤣.

I then decided to start communication by emailing her to tell her just how much I love and respect her art. I thought it’d be a good idea for us to put some looks together and do a style collaboration. Before I knew it we were strutting the streets of Manhattan doing what we do best, slay! Everything was sooooo in sync and our connection was better than what I imagined. We’ve since continued to support each other and I can honestly count her as one of my friends and someone whose advice I trust in the field we are in. In fact she’s landing in Miami tomorrow so you are going to see a whole lot of us doing the most fabulous things all over Miami. Stay tuned on our pages!

In the meantime, tell me TELL ME who’s your partner in style?


Shoes – Christian LouboutinYves Saint Laurent

Bags – Chanel, Céline, Prada

Clothing – Banana Republic, Lulus, Zara

Photography  – @lifeinreverie
Makeup  – @beatzzbyj
Cari’s Website + Instagram


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I do not have a partner in fashion perhaps because I am a guy but like the picture entails this tends to be a female thing. Even going to the freaking bathroom they do this partner stuff.

Nice! Having a partner in fashion! It’s like the two of you are better than best friends, more like sisters in style. You two are an inspiration for fashion bloggers out there to collaborate and support each other.

The both of u look absolutely stunning! Like Goddesses of beauty and confidence, really inspiring. Have fun in Miami and show us more pics please!

this is what social medias are doing. Best wishes for your friendship and Miami. Happy slaying! ha…ha…

You both look great! I don’t think I have a partner in style but I’ve always thought one of my aunts has a very clean, fun style. I always like receiving hand-me-downs from her since I love most of her stuff. 🙂

It’s always to have a partner in crime! 😛 In this case fashion! Both seriously seems to have a great taste.. Looking great ladies! Keep rocking!

It’s great to have a partner in crime! :p Well, in this case it’s fashion! U guys seriously have a great taste! Keep rocking ladies! You look like fashionistas!!

Those outfits are just fabulous! I especially like the black-colored ones. The one in the second pic is hot! I’d like to see myself in that!


Moises Gonzalez-Montiel

I think having a fashion partenr it`s great, A very good friend of mine and I were always looking around on stores for our personal look, I find your blog really nice and bott of you look stuning, keep it real and hopefuly hear of you soon!

While I’m not really much of a fashion person, given that I’m a guy, I have to admit that you two are pretty classy. It seems that it is possible to look stylish without overdoing it too much on accessories and the like, and you two have proved it, thus far.

Like another poster has mentioned, you two have good taste.

Maybe my partner in style could be my brother. My mother, brother and I were at the mall once and one person who my mother know saw us, some days later, she told my Mom that me and my brother looked alike because of the style of clothes we were wearing that day

Its always nice when ladies come together to collaborate. Work or otherwise. U two look lovely.

Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

I don’t have a partner in style but would love to have one. It makes it more fun dressing up and looking fabulous

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