Lights, Cameras – SWIMMING !!!. 

Many years ago I took my first trip to Durban. I was a nine year old village girl who’ll never forget seeing the lights on what I’d later learn was West street. It was mind blowing and I still remember my Uncle being worried I was going to fall out of the car window because I had all of my upper body out.

Years later I experienced double the feeling whiles walking up and down Times Square, New York. I was in New York! I’d arrived!!! That repeated over and over as I worked my way into the fashion industry. Lights, cameras -FASHION !!! But I’ve now lived in New York for years and that part has sort of become the norm, or so I thought until I attended Miami fashion week at its best this weekend.

My love for fashion and flashing is renewed. A lot of people know me as a reformed bikini maven😀 but I swear I’ve been reminded of why I love bikinis and the human form. I had the pleasure of being in front row of everything and fell in love with most of the swim lines I saw.


I’m that luxe, sparkly glamourous girl and I already know this is a line for me and any girl who is about this life.

It is lavish and makes all skin tones glow in a magnificent way.

In general I enjoyed all of what was presented and the manner it was presented in.

More importantly I loved how the designers had girls with a very healthy appearance.

I’ve always had a concern about the pressures and expectations the fashion industry has on us women and men for that matter and was happy to see such beautiful people who didn’t look like they starved to be part of the show.







I’m looking forward to next Swim Week and can’t wait to take you with me on the next adventure! What did you guys think about the different looks? Let me know in the comments. Till next time, slay on.

Maxi Dress – Nordstrom – ♥ – (alternative here)
Shoes –Chanel – ♥ – (alternative here)
Bag –Chanel – ♥ – (alternative here)
Choker –Hot Miami Styles – ♥ – (alternative here)


 Photo Credit – @thePhotoCraft + Getty Images 
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Shout out to the thicker ladyyyy yaaas. Size inclusive fashion. Awesome. All those models look so moisturised bathong 😍 you looked lovely there.

Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

You look gorgeous and beautiful. Seeing those models I learned that size and color are not a matter and beauty is defined by confidence. They all seem pretty confident and happy when they are posing. So beautiful. I am not a big follower of fashion weeks yet I enjoyed fashion through your post. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this with your memories behind it. The most beautiful is the humane part of human beings…

Ohhh la la. If I am just as ripped as these guys I will join immediately. Not not now though he he.

I love that this walk had featured different body types for the swimsuit wear. It creates awareness that not everyone should be stick thin in the industry. So happy for progressive thought!

Cool how they featured bikinis on different body types! I love the black one — the design is sooo nice.

There are all kinds of model swim suits for every human structure. I have never attended a model session. There was variety of swimsuits in this fashion catwalk

It’s really nice to read that the village girl fulfilled her dreams. And it’s so heart-warming to see healthy girls on the ramp! Exquisite!

I agree with you how you like that the models had different body types. It spreads a positive message. I think going forward that they should also be more accepting of different men body types to be models as well. Although not as highly talked about. There is a negative body image being spread about males which negatively affects the expectations of both boys and girls on what a man should look like. Prince Charming doesn’t have to have the muscular build of the male models depicted these days.

In addition, what stands out to me about these images is that the models look like they are genuinely having fun. They are not making sour faces or being told not to smile down the runway. It definitely shows their natural beauty.

Nice to see fashion ramp with all body sizes. Gotta love yourself and embrace it.

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