The Dream Nightmare

Have you ever been on a staycation? Well I swear this is strangely more exciting then going out of town. You feel super spoiled because you are going to have someone serving you hand and foot whiles you are sort of at home because you don’t need to ask a stranger for any direction, hot spots to grab lunch whatsoever. Heck, you need not check your mailbox!

The Dream Hotel in Downtown New York was supposed to be my staycation. Come to find out it reminds me of those super chic looking designer bags that are actually fake… and not worth a dime.  Although outside the hotel looks beautiful, after we stepped out of the elevator and walked the dark smelly halls that led to the room, I knew this was not the hotel for me.

The hotel designers remembered the importance of beauty when designing this building but forgot the importance of comfort. Aside from the lobby, pool and roof top terrace this hotel does not feel like a home away from home. At best it feels like a closet… with a nicely decorated door.

I recall sun bathing at the pool of this hotel last summer, believing it was the pinnacle of luxury, but I was poorly mistaken.

Their hallways are dimly lit and incredibly cramped where a stench of cigarettes hangs in the air. I sacrificed an entire bottle of designer perfume trying to unsuccessfully change the scent of my 2 by 2 hotel room the was offered as a “suite”. The bathroom was especially bad. They were bare and ugly not to mention terribly stocked with a permanent scent of cigarettes in the air.

I was later “upgraded” to a suite I’ve never seen in any other hotel– and I’ve been to many, given that I’ve traveled to twenty countries in my life. I can honestly rate this the worst hotel I’ve been in. Mind you I’m from a very small town of Eshowe South Africa where even there my local hotel is luxury compared to this.

Truthfully what makes this hotel worth while is the pool, lobby and roof top. Not much beyond that.

Overall the Dream Hotel is no Dream; it is a nightmare.  It was the amazing roof top with one of NYC’s best views that convinced me the rooms would be ‘dream’ but after this failed staycation I can assure you there are better places worth your time, money and peace of mind.

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My my my. Thats quite a place. I better work hard if i ever wanna wind up in a place like this. Lovely photis too.

Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

It happens. When one enters a hotel and gets to know the environts, it not always results as we thought it should be. Hotels may be different from place to place. At least that thotel would keep you8 away from NYs city noise and traffic

i cannot afford a place like this so I guess calling it a NIGHTMARE is an understatement. However, In my dreams yeah these places are god like.

Yes. Smell of smoke does ruin everything. It makes a place smell cheap. Thanks for sharing this with people who would be considering to stay. They won’t be tricked. Better to find another place instead.

At first I thought you’ll be promoting the hotel since I noticed that there are plenty of photos as well. I obviously thought wrong! With this post I almost think people will be going there out of curiosity.

Looking at the photographs you’ve shared the place is good I think. But your comments have a greater impact on me. They should maintain their cleanliness at all times, because people are there to relax and forget the smokes in the city. How can you relax if that’s the case, it’s quite disappointing! I’m actually considering this place to go to, but now I guess not. Thanks for sharing your experience, at least now we are aware, and we can surely avoid having the same nightmares.

I got to say the photos of the sofa and settings say ‘chic’ and ‘class’. I bet anyone can have a great time in the hotel. It’s luxurious.

This happened to me before and it was an annoying experience when your expectations are not met. I would be honest with you though, your photos are so nice and looks awesome. At a glance people may think that you were giving a nice feedback. At least t is a great warning for people considering this place. Thanks for sharing!

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