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Pleeease tell me that my red soles and the C’s on my Chanel handbags tell you just how much I am into the French culture? I swear my family is going to one day reveal how I was born in Paris and adopted by my wonderful African parents😆.

Everyone that is close to me will tell you how I specifically ask for what is considered the best French cuisine in the area whenever I’m traveling. I must say I was asking just to ask on my latest travels because I expected the restaurants in the area to be very southern given that we were in Atlanta, Georgia afterall. I remember the butler giving us a list of four restaurants and my friends and I fell in love with the sound of Le Bilboquet ( yes we did stalk them on social media and fell in love with all their fabulous post).

Okay, wait✋🏽let me breathe. Le Bilboquet should be called New York, Atlanta or Paris, Georgia because it has an air of sophistication you can only find in these two cities. My goodness !!!  I am the type of girl who is very health conscious and only usually eats just about a quarter of a dessert or anything that might interfere with my bikini figure but to say I let go in this place would be an understatement.

I fell so in love with Le Bilboquet that I invited my sister and friend who lives locally to join us there the very next night. It did not disappoint! I indulged in the very same dessert I had the night before, GUILT FREE. It was worth every calorie !!! This dessert is a summer special and is not featured on the menu of Le Bilboquet. It must be requested specifically and it is well worth it!

I hope you’ll stop by Le Bilboquet the next time you go to Atlanta. I must add that it’s a great spot for single ladies and gentlemen too because there was a lot of super sophisticated after-work groups dining on a Friday night and Saturday was also packed with group dinners. The only thing you need to make sure you do? SLAY !!!!🙌🏾

Sunglasses – Celine – ♥ – (alternative here)
Tank –Banana Republic – ♥ – (alternative here)

Photo Credit – @thePhotoCraft
Le Bilboquet Atlanta Location – 3027 Bolling Way NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
Le Bilboquet Atlanta Phone Number – (404)869-9944
Le Bilboquet Atlanta Website –


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Oh my god..everything looks so good! Didn’t know place like this exist in Atlanta. Thanks for letting us know and i’ll definitely check this place when i go there!

It´s a very sophisticated kind of restaurant. I wouldn´t mnd trying some of their dishes, especially the desserts, which opened my appetite to just see them. The tables by the restaurnat´s terrace must be a very good place to have talks and food with friends

Wow! it looks so delicious. Now I am hungry…!

I can so understand indulging in a heavenly dish or dessert even though you’re health conscious! Thanks for the recommendation. Shall definitely indulge and slay 😉

The dessert you got looks so divine! Why eat only 1/4th of a dessert when you can have a cheat day and have it all. This restaurant is perfect for those cheat days.

This post is making me hungry and if I were there I will eat my heart out. Screw diet this is too good to pass up.

Looks like a great place for a night out with friends! And everything looks delicious.

A guilt-free dessert at Le Bilboquet that is worth the calories?! That is a must-taste! I’m definitely trying out this summer special dessert you’re so raving about.

This place is oh soo good! I want to go to France also! omg

The place looks cozy and the foods posted are mouth-watering, this place is heaven for foodie like me hehe. I hope I can get a chance to visit that restaurant together with my boyfriend:)

The food looks so good.

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