The Sound Effects !👋🏽

Imagine my excitement when I got a message from the Sudio people just when I was in the market for new headphones !.

I was tired of earphones like one pictures above😪. They would constantly tangle, were difficult to find and could never work wirelessly.

My Sudio pair of headphones however do not tangle, are easy to find and connect wirelessly to my phone or listening device through bluetooth. Let me not forget the bouuusssss sound they have !🔊. You follow me on Instagram, you know what that sound does to me😅. Can’t stop dancing….ever !.

I also noticed my Sudio headphones are incredibly easy to clean and I love that because white NEEDS to stay white as far as I’m concerned. These take just a wipe swipe and you are good to go.

If you would like to purchase a pair of headphones like mine visit the link under the Shop the Post section. I also have a discount code you can use, BOOSLAY15,  for 15 percent off! 


Headphones – Sudio – ♥ – (alternative here)

Perfume – Chanel – ♥ – (similar here)

Shoes – Christian Louboutin – ♥ – (similar here)

Bag – Chanel – ♥ – (similar here)


Photo Credit – @thePhotoCraft

Sudio Website –

15% Discount code: BOOSLAY15



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These remind me so much of urban ears. I’ve been using urban ears for 5 years now but my dog accidentally chewed it. So I am looking for a new headphone purchase. Will look into this. 🙂 I hope they have other color choices.

I am looking for a good quality headphones. I’ll check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

This looks like an amazing choice. I also love the fact that it’s easy to clean. My current headphone has served me well, but I think it needs to retire soon. I will surely check this out.

Wow these are sleek head phones. I would not mind to have one for myself

I was thinking “Gosh, the headphones look classy but it would be hard to keep it white.” Good to know it’s easy to clean.

Looks like an amazing headphones you have there! I’ll find that brand here now too!

I don’t know much about these Sudio headphones but it sure is tangle-free.

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