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Ever rocked an outfit that made you feel like you can take over the world ?

I mean the type of gear that makes you feel super boss because it’s a Monday and super jolly too because you feel as good as you do when you are about to hit the streets with your girls on Friday night.


I am sure I speak for most women when I say white,not to mention a whole white suit is a very tricky colour to pull off.

I don’t even want to mention how we usually feel when we look at our pictures of white suits.

Imagine my excitement when I landed a suit that made me feel sleek like🙌🏾….and….and….ANDDDDddd looked amazing on pictures.

(Please note I don’t welcome any opinion that says otherwise on this matter🤣.)

Anyway I rocked this and stepped on the concrete jungle like own the entire darn city.


I can’t wait to create more looks around this suit. In the meantime tell me about your latest,hottest,bossiest piece in your closet. Where did you rock to Slayer ?


Blazer  – Marciano  – ♥ –  

Dress Pants – Marciano – ♥ –  

Tank – Hot Miami Styles – ♥ –  

Heels – YSL – ♥ –  

Handbag – Céline – ♥ –  

Sunglasses – Prada – ♥ – 


Photo Credit – @lifeinreverie

Makeup Artist – @beatzzbyj


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The school cool.look.what a wow you alwsys on point. U inspire me a lot ♥

Hi there Buhle,

Thank you for all your posts, they are really inspirational and helpful. I was wondering if you can advise me o weight loss. I lost 11 kgs 2014 and 15, have been on a plateau since, I can lose weight further, what can I do, please help

@maezos- insta handle

Those shoes are <3. I don't think I'll be able to walk on them though.

I can't pinpoint a specific article in my closet which makes me feel like a boss although I have this pink midi skirt I love twirling with. It's my happy piece. 🙂

My girlfriend likes those kinds of heels and I’m sure she’ll love your posts, they are amazing. You rock those pretty shoes!

Oh my god!!! This is what I’m talking about! These shoes are purely elegant and beautiful and classy! You look great wearing them too! I’m looking forward to buying this one of these days.

You’re slayin’ girl. I don’t know how you were able to own the city in those YSL heels. I wear high heels too but I would admit to some nasty trips! 😐

Fashion on point! Those heels slay a lot!

Wow those heels look adorable! I’ve never seen something like that with cute decoration.

That is the way to go: I wish I could say that I have an outfit that makes me feel like I´m in control; maybe I do. It´s a jacket and pair of pants that make me look like a business person. That is what let me walk the streets feeling I´m in charge

You look very chic as usual. I could never pull off an all white outfit. Love your Prada shades as well!

Looking sleek as hell girl. Wait are you married or still single? If you are still single, I would like to ask you out =))

Looking real sharp here. I mean the suit looks absolutely perfect on you, and I don’t see many women wearing white and absolutely nailing it. You are a role model to women out there now.

Wow. You look amazingly powerful. Your outfit makes you look classy and confident, the needed traits for a women. There is saying that women must always be classy and you are one classy women. You rock in every outfit. Super cool. Have fun. Thanks for sharing this with us.

White is one of my most favorite colors. You look bold and beautiful and that outfit is tailored to be a perfect fit for you. I really loved the heels which is unique and it goes well with your outfit. You look wonderful in that outfit. So, many thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Wow~ that’s how you take your A-game fashion out on the streets! #stunning #jealous

You’re slayin’ it, girl! Such a delicious look!

You just inspired my next OOTD ensemble! Thanks

The black shoes with a very unique heels looks elegant. I don’t know why but it reminds me of Christina Grimmie’s signature.

You like like an executive or I should say CEO. I just hope those shoes are not slippery as I used to have.

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