The perfect brunch spot must be two things: savory and chic.


It should come as no surprise that my friends and I selected Ladurée as our brunch location because it is all of that and more.

The instant you step onto the restaurant premises you can tell you are about to experience something authentic, something genuine, something 155 years in the making. You see it was 155 years ago that Ladurée was founded and although we won’t delve too much into the history of the brand I do want to talk about how well deserved their prestige is.

Whether you’re outdoor or indoors your ambiance is going to be incredible. If you are into a light and airy ambiance then the outdoors is your go to.

If you are an admirer of cozy and intimate setting, possibly for a date with your beau, then indoor dining is a must.  My friends and I preferred the outside so we asked to be seated there and they were wonderfully accommodating about it. They allowed us to select which table we’d like to dine at which was wonderful because we could gossip freely, without disturbing the other guests.

Our waiter provided us with the menu and proceeded to impress us with how knowledgeable she was about the restaurant offering. It should also not go without saying that she had a french accent which might have been intentional on behalf of Ladurée management  or might not have been intentional but it was all just as well because we felt it added to the overall Ladurée experience.

We truly felt as if we had left the busy streets of Soho New York and dived into the posh and stunning (and savory) world of Paris, France.

We sampled some of their lunch menu as well as some of their internationally known and unequivocally praised macarons. They provided us with two plates.

One plate was a collection of their traditional and best selling macaroons as seen above and the other plate featured seasonal limited edition macaroons as seen below.

All were equally savory though!

I would suggest making a visit to Ladurée if you’re seeking a great brunch spot because it truly is fantastic and while you’re there don’t just try their macaroons, venture outside of that and try their other pastries as well.

As you can see they do a wonderful job at making them. (And yes, they taste just as good as they look!)

You can make reservations in person or online. I’ll see you there loves. It is truly a brunch spot worth dining at.

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Photo Credit – @thePhotoCraft 

Ladurée Location – 398 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Ladurée Phone Number – (646) 392-7868


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If you’re a big fan of pastries, better check out this place. Very nice article! Definitely a must-try!

I love the outdoors, so the outside tables would suit me better. I will definaately visit Le Laduree when I have the chance

I have not tried the other pastries of Laduree but only their macaroons. Seeing the photo you took of their lovely looking pastries makes me want to drive out to the nearest store right now. I’ve got such a sweet tooth and I’m a sucker for all things luxurious when it comes to desserts.

Strange I was just watching Masterchef Junior and they featured Macaroons. Seeing this here is making me hungry.

Real fancy restaurant. I would love to dine in here for kicks. It is gonna be expensive but its okay.

Everything looks so posh. Good to know the food taste as good as they look!

Yuuuuummmm! Just reading the description made my mouth water. I sure wish the writer would have told us the flavors of the macaroons. They looked so good.

How elegant! It looks like a fabulous place for a real splurge. How do they get those pastries so perfect?!?! I can’t wait to try it.

tried the macaroons before as a gift from a friend but yet to make a personal visit to the outlet. based from all amazing photos on this post, i will make some time to come here and spend the amazing ambiance with my loved ones

I have googled about this restaurant Laduree and there were some pretty awesome reviews. The macarons and the pastries looks yummy. Seeing those pictures itself made me hungry. The place is serene and wonderful and a perfect spot to spend some time away from the noises of the city and enjoy the food. Though it looks a bit expensive I think from reading your article I think it is worth giving a shot. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Wow love the pastries! Looks so delicious!

I want these too. Cakes, pastries everything. This is surely a good place if you want to just enjoy your day and some sweets.

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