I inhaled deeply and stepped back. I wanted to  gaze at the french cuisine restaurant Jean-Georges before entering. My driver had just bid me adieu as I said bonjour to Jean-Georges.

The grand entrance !🙌🏾🤗😀.



We walked in and were greeted by the gold plated restaurant sign and wonderful front desk attendant. I checked in for my brunch reservation and they walked my guest and I to our table. Once seated we were assigned waiters who were attentive without being overbearing, knowledgeable without drowning us with information. They were a perfect balance and I appreciated them for that.

They ensured that we not only felt welcome but also that we felt at home. They kept our glasses and plates full and even offered to take pictures! At first we had concerns Jean-Georges would not provide a filling dining experience because the first few courses were very light; however after experiencing all of the courses my opinion changed. The food leaves you feeling satisfied without feeling like you have overeaten.

While you’re there I recommend you have a taste of the tropical dessert. It was heartily recommended by the waiter and after one bite you’ll understand why. To be specific, the Tropical is a combination of young coconut semifreddo, fresh tropical fruit as well as pineapple sorbet lime curd.

If you pair that with some chocolates and coffee or tea you’ll truly feel as if you’ve reached heaven.

I am constantly asked about the best places to dine in whiles in New York City and Jean George’s is now on my top three.  You can book reservations online or by phone– (212) 299-3900.

Be sure to dress classy for this Slayers !!!😉.




Photo Credit: @thephotocraft 


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One of the coolest restaurant. The ambiance looks nice and elegant.

How I wish I am near this place but I’m on the other side of the world. This is fantastic! Such an elegant restaurant!

Wow that’s such a posh place. The tropical dessert looks so yummy. I hope I can visit that place when I go to NY.

You look awesome.The place grand and the food delicious. Thanks foe the peek in GEORGES.

wow! place looks majestic. I will be visiting whenever on being in New York.

Just looking at the utensils on the table opened my appetite. There is a tranquil and clean atmosphere that I wish I was there savoring the flavors of all that food on the table

“The food leaves you feeling satisfied without feeling like you have overeaten.”

This quote is slaying! This is the perfect way to eat. 😀

The dessert looks too good to eat. I’m enjoying your restaurant reviews; I hope I’ll get to visit them one of these days.

What a great job to get to review restaurants like this. It’s like going to a world class museum and seeing beautiful art. And then you get to eat the artwork! A pleasure for all the senses!

The tropical dessert seems like you’re floating in the most delicate of botanical gardens. I’ll bet the taste is just as lovely. I wonder if they give their recipes. Pineapple sorbet lime curd – something to dream on.

Classy restaurant. It looks expensive to eat there though.

You look classy in this grand restaurant. Looks like white suits you a lot.

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