Watr at The 1 Hotel Rooftop

There is a 100% chance we have found paradise darlings.

If you want a truly breath taking Miami experience then you must visit Watr at the 1 Hotel Rooftop.   

They have it all here: amazing food, drinks and a stunning view.


Their service is fantastic.

You have the option of dining at a table, lounged by the couch, inside a private cabana or poolside.

Their menu offers a blend of Polynesian and Japanese cuisine and their drinks are tropical, vibrant and absolutely appetizing.

The rooftop setting allows you to truly appreciate the wonderful weather Miami is known and loved for.

I would recommend you sit comfortable by the couches or cabanas. If the timing is right you just might see me there too.

You can book a reservation at this link.


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Wow beautiful

Here is summertime, still time to have a super weekend on a beach resort. I would love to be sat at the rooftop of the Watr hotel, simply reading or watching the Miami beach and the blue ocean. Nice hotel, worth visiting

Wow! Fusion food of Japanese and Polynesian. I bet the food fare was mouth watering. I’d love to try that fusion too someday!

Is this really located at the ROOFTOP though? It is indeed mouth watering food wise and very elegant.

A restaurant overlooking the ocean? Stunning view indeed!

The place looks alluring. Thanks for the post.

Who knew rooftops can be a good place for hanging out! WATR looks amazing, your photos are fantastic! Keep slaying!



This is a very beautiful concept. The rooftop is a very beautiful place to be and also very safe. I love the food offered a rooftop parties and venues.

This concept takes advantage of Miami’s environs in a new way. Rooftop parties was the thing back in college but this bring across luxury.

Wow the vibe is very relaxing. I like it.

I love the food and shakes, the concept itself is what I’m after. I want to have a house with a setup like this too!

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