School Cool

If only these pants were a skirt and the shoes obhasikidi😅. This is funny because I spent most of my school years wanting to wear anything but a uniform but as an adult I do see and value the subtle fashion lessons I got from wearing a uniform. Propernessness being the main and best lesson (Don’t you dare act like an English professor around here🤣).

I wore this to a private sale event last week but I have no evidence of this occasion😒.  I need to start taking pictures of some of the fun stuff I do with my life🤔(This is a note to self so you just basically witnessed me talking to myself🤣). Anyway as I was driving to the event I thought about how ‘uniform like’ my outfit was and that took me down memory lane of how much fun I had as a student. I was a very bright and super mischievous student but the stunts I pulled in school are a loooong story for another day. Today I just want to share the part when I’d take my mischief home.

I’ve always loved fashion but couldn’t afford more than PEP or second hand stores back then. I then discovered that there was a thing called lay-buy so I started doing that so I could get better quality clothes. The problem was that it would sometimes take months before I got any money again because my father didn’t play that. He was focused on doing what he could for us to get an education. My naughty self quickly realized that he’d do anything including borrow😭 for us to stay in school. I also realized just how proud he was of my grades and ‘great things’ (his words❤️) I was doing in school. He also could only read/write very little Zulu and no English at all.

I started using all this information to my advantage🙈😭😆. When I had a lay-buy due to be picked up I’d run all the way from school so I could be literally out of breath by the time I got home. I’d then scream …….”Baba !!!…..Baba !!!!……. kuyasetshenzwa akudlalwa esikoleni. Kusasa kuthiwa asiphathe uR20 kuzokwenziwa ama carbohydrates “😂😂😂 ( Dad ! We are doing a huge important project at school called carbohydrates. The teacher said to bring R20 tomorrow😫😂). I swear I must have used the very same word at least three times a year because it sounded complicated and very important to my father😭😂. He always made sure I got whatever amount I’d claim was needed. I’d then want to dig a hole and hide when he’d boast to his friends or during family gatherings …..”UMatsewu wenza izinto ezinkulu manje esikoleni. Uya kude ngempela”😭😂. Yes I know I’m going straight to hell😂.

Well after writing this I realize that it’s more of a Behind The Heels story than it is a fashion story but it’s whatever😅. I hope it made you chuckle and think of who you were as a school kid.

*Matsewu* : My childhood nickname.