Green with envy 

I missed Tuesday and Thursday this week because of travel and well,life😭. So I thought I’d do a quick post of what I wore about two weeks ago. I’ll make sure that I also update the remedy section sometime today and then next week we’ll roll on schedule.

You are likely going to see me in many other maxi skirts in the future. They add a certain degree of elegance to street style.

I got these Christian Louboutins some time last year. I was visiting Bergdorf Goodman for reasons I don’t remember because these became the event😅. You know us girls and pearls ……and shoes😀.

I’ve forgotten to mention how much I like the belt here even though I hardly ever get to use it.

Enjoy your weekend !!!

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shoes ***stunners


You are GOALS Stru ma bheka..

You looking damn good. I love this green skirt. I just love your style booslay 😍

Looking fab

Stunning 🔥🔥

Stunning as always Been.

You look amazing Buhle, but then you always look amazing……..


You are a great inspiration sisBuhle love you :-*

i love your style a sense of humor proud ZULU GIRL.

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