A lady in red 

Oh because every woman has that one colour that lights up her fire !!!. Red is mine. I donned this number on what would have been a blue Monday. TRUST me it was everything else but blue😅. I actually fell in love with this number the first time I discovered Style We,a fabulous online boutique with a countless number of amazing up and coming designers.

Oh,look at that !. Even got a lippie that matches☺️. 
How’s a girl to act when she’s feeling nothing but FABULOUS !!!???😀.
Hope this revamps your love for whatever your slay colour is !!!.

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Beautiful Buhlez😗😗😗😗

Looking hooottt mama!
My slay colour is black.🙈 I’d love to rock bright colours but I sometimes think ngimnyama kakhulu for those! Bright shoes-ke are my favourite.

Red really looks lovely on you mtase, I also love red I think it compliments my dark chocolate skin but I feel sexier in black… Keep slaying Ngunezi and sharing your beauty secrets maybe amavila anjengami ayoze akukhuthalele nokuzivocavoca to have a firm, flawlessly glowing skin like yours. You are truly an inspiration. I love you besides the fact that nami ngingu MaGcwabe, you inspire me to live my life like I was the only girl in this world, inspire me to look beautiful even in my Pep clothes. Lalela ungayeki ukwenza okuhle says the bible, one might think uthanda ukubukwa kanti vele kumele sikubuke mtaka Singela sisike ipattern. Thank you sisi, keep slaying. Sinyise😘😘😍

😂😂😂😂😂. Ubhuqa thina-ke wena! Have you seen your legs?


Beautiful and classy, love it. My favorite color is lemon 🍋

Beautiful MaMkhize

My slay colour is black.


Ubuhle bendalo ( dark chocolate skin)

U are slaying Buhle. Yo name says it all my dearest sweet cakes. Love u too much my Boo-Bear♥

Buhle my inspiration ❤

Love you tons ❤

Engabe yini engakufaneli sis Buhle, you look amazing 😊😍😍

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