Say hello to my love. This is the first Chanel I ever owned. I will never forget the day she came into my life *cue dramatic music*🤣. I was over the moon. This also happens to be the very first handbag Coco Chanel ever designed and it was dubbed the 2.55 because it debuted in February 1955. My babies all have names and I call this one Hope . Hope is so fitting because I NEVER ever considered buying a fake even during my ‘No Problem’ for a handbag days. I chose to be hopeful that I’d not only have the real deal one day but also the life I dreamt of all around. If you knew me then you may have advised me to wake up from the dream. My circumstances didn’t indicate what I believed would be my destiny. I however believed, as per my mother’s advice, that we become our thoughts and therefore chose to think big. Think outside the box life had me in at that time. I am hopeful that this encourages at least one person to believe that they have NOT been brought to this world to suffer and that whiles it is tough right now, their time IS coming. You will be everything you hope for and more. And if you are as lucky as I am you’ll also find an amazing partner to share your life with.


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The enthusiasm that comes through this post is fab. You have a positive vibe about you. Thank you!

So encouraging B, thank you.

Love your life story! Ngiwufakazi we wild yam ehayizisa inceku, AMEN kuleyondawo!!!! Eagerly awaiting for the goodies for the jam jar! Stay blessed.


So encouraged

I love love this post…Thank you.

So inspiring 🌸❤️

Love you Buhle😘😍
So living a dream
Love your attitude
My kinda inspiration
Full of life
Your​ own throne
Abantu bazothini Syndrome,who cares
You are so humble
keep up the good work

True story hey positive thinking

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